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A reply to a friend for the same post on Facebook:

So there is a reason why I post articles this way and not by using my blogs [I post a picture with a large body of text and no links] - eg. peakd.com/@montycashmusic or my new blog on Substack - because this is the only way they get exposure on people's feeds. I also need to post it on my personal page and not the 'Page' page first. If I do that I get just as little exposure. Facebook even soft-censors youtube links as it favours its own video platform - this is not a conspiracy - look it up and you'll find that good social media strategy is to post to Facebook independently of other platforms.

Youtube is its own kettle of fish and is linked directly with the commerce side of using google advertising - and also has its very specific algorithm which limits or allows different content according to various factors.

To give you an idea - I just posted yesterday this video link for a talk by Ross Daly on youtube - I have apparently 3.8k followers on my facebook when I go to analytics for my page which I first posted it on my personal page and then shared to my Page page - it has been shown within 24hours to exactly 2 people. That means 2 / 3800. This number may increase to 30 over a week.

However look directly at posts I have paid for advertising for example 35 dollars on Eye of the Tiger video reel which was jointly posted on instagram - has a reach of almost 8,000.

Most posts remain within the region of 25-200 impressions for 3800 followers without any specific promotions paid for.

On top of this, algorithm deliberately limits posts that push an ideology except for that which may be trending. This then puts you in a kind of soft-censored facebook jail in which your algorithm reach decreased rapidly for a few days and then may build back up over time.

This is censorship.

If you want to control a natrion via social media do the following:

Spend a large portion of advertising and media in removing the value and moral systems within society not directly dictated by government.

Promote Narcissism as a culture.

Promote attention as necessary for the gaining and maintaining of business for the purpose of making a living.

Provide a 'Social Media' which everyone has access to - allow it free reign for a few years - observe, go through a period of observation - collect data on individuals and on their naturally formed networks.

Generate enough group trust in the platform to the point that every new generation is conditioned to believe it is honest and reliable - in the long-run once that is established it is very hard to pull down its reputation no matter what level of censorship - however, certain empathies with trends must be adhered to in order to remain as relevant as possible for as long as possible.

Introduce subtly manipulated newfeeds according to an agenda. For example, 20 percent less exposure for a post about GM foods - so it would appear overall and very subtly that those posts are less popular. While the majority of the people on the platform trust that the platform is genuinely presenting the views of the people - they simply go along with it and count numbers of likes and comments as meaning this is actually popular consensus.

Now that the people have been trained to generate media according to attention value with attention as the highest commodity and their value sets have been eroded - they will create all media on all things - there will always be someone pushing the envelope in every direction because they have no values and are solely focused on attention.

Use the natural expression of the people trained to attention as the highest value as a palette to capitalize and provide higher algorithm value for perspectives that the platform operators wish to promote according to whatever agenda.

Downplay any opposing viewpoint - provide smaller algorithm value and make sure to segregate networks according to contact and ideology which then gives everyone the impression they are being heard and their posts are appearing on people's feeds and yet - through subtle manipulation and alteration of feeds and content and suggestions and advertising - the group mind and its general location and direction can be effectively steered and moved wherever the operators of the platform wish.

When we turn off our phones and decide that this world here online means nothing - we remove that power.

We must allow ourselves the space to do just that in any moment to remember the body we are in, the air we are breathing and to live in the real world.

Group psychology is a big thing and I have observed it over many years in many different countries living on the streets as I have. There is very little within the group that is individually conscious. It takes a large amount of responsibility to be conscious or sentient.

We live within a system of indoctrinated 'individuality'. A belief system called 'individuality' and not individuality itself.

It is my view individuality does exist and it can serve the all and we can walk together, retaining the value in ourselves - yet we must purify this definition so it means something again.

Our words, our intentions, our thoughts, our actions, our expressions - they all hold power. We must give these things back to ourselves again.

Good luck!

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